Silverback Hockey was designed, developed and born by hockey players for hockey players. Our mission is to provide the BEST quality hockey sticks on planet earth, for all levels and generations of players. We will not stop developing, researching, creating, and testing hockey sticks so you, the player, will only have the best, strongest, goalie destroying hockey stick constructed.


Silverback’s revolutionary technology is made with 100% Toray Industries Carbon construction, delivering you one of the most advanced hockey sticks on the market. Options vary from low-kick to dual-flex shaft technology, providing you with extreme consistency in any shooting situation.


Silverback’s entire shaft and blade is made with “Gorilla Armor”, which is a Kevlar-based synthetic fiber material. This same composite material, also used in body armor and bullet-proof vests, is measured at 5 times stronger than steel in strength to weight ratio. This optimizes two major areas of focus: impact protection and an increase in lifespan.


Silverback’s philosophy is simple – become a better hockey player. This is a very achievable goal when you’re using the best equipment available. We consider our sticks the most elite in their class, and we will never settle for anything less than perfection.

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